“I came to see Dr. Kory because I was in a car accident and had excruciating neck pain. I referred to Dr. Kory appreciated that I did not have to go to an office for adjustments and physical therapy ( especially after the car accident and covid-19) . I had been to a couple different chiropractors in other states. The differences were Dr. Kory’s plan of care was to lessen the amount of times I had to see him. My other chiropractors wanted to see me three times a week for adjustments with no plan to scale that back. I also have a stressful job where I am either sitting at my desk all day or traveling. He taught me exercises to help alleviate my pain from the stress and travel. After a few appointments I went from a level 10 pain to a 6. When I was done with my treatment plan I had zero pain. Now that my pain is gone I can golf and work out daily again. When I started seeing Dr. Kory I was unable to sleep, sit, or do household chores without pain. I would highly recommend that you see Dr. Kory for treatment at Mobile Chiro and Performance. You get the convenience of him coming to you with the same level or better care at other practices.”

– Amanda S.

“I came to Dr Kory Pugh because I have some slipped discs in my neck and I have been recommended to have surgery. He took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me and ask me questions on what I was experiencing BEFORE he just jumped right in and tried to adjust me. I don’t like going to chiropractors because of a prior incident with another one. Dr Pugh put me at ease and gave me some exercises for me to do to eleviate the tenseness I feel on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Dr Pugh and will be returning to him soon!!!! 5 STARS!!!”

– Rhonda S.

“Dr. Pugh is an awesome doctor! His adjustments are light and leave you feeling great! During the visit you can see that he truly cares about his patients and continues to educate them throughout the visit as well. I also love that he includes a care plan so I can continue to work on my health on my own. Great doctor, highly recommend.”

– Payal P.

“Hands down the most comprehensive Chiropractic treatment I have ever had, and I have had many over the years! So much more than an adjustment, Dr. Pugh performed full body postural assessment, taking old and new injuries into consideration and treated me as a whole person, with soft tissue work and range of motion. After that, he even suggested some exercises to help me strengthen weak areas. If that wasn’t enough, I didn’t even have to leave my house. 5 stars!”

– Nicole H.

“I can’t recommend Mobile Chiro and Performance enough! I was having severe back pain due to my second pregnancy and my doctor recommended a chiropractor. I found Mobile Chiro through a friend and so glad I did! Dr. Kory Pugh is so professional and has truly helped me with my back pain. I had immediate relief! Dr.Pugh gave me a great exercise plan to help keep the pain away. I love the fact that they come to your house and are able to give you treatment at home. Definitely call them for your chiropractor needs!”

– Sheena N.

“I can’t say enough good things about Mobile Chiro and Performance! First of all, they come to you! I have not had an adjustment in about 8 months because with my new job, I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Dr. Pugh’s approach is warm and gentle. No jarring adjustments. I didn’t realize how out of alignment my spine was until it was back in correct alignment. I’ve been sleeping more soundly and feel great! Thank you Dr. Kory Pugh!”

– Linda B.

“The staff at Mobile chiro and performance is amazing. They are knowledgeable and friendly. Mobile chiro and performance helped me get over some old sports injuries. The best part is they come to you so you can get the help you need in the comfort of your own home.”

– Jake B.